Lending a Hand to Haitian Children Orphans

Sponsor A Child of Haitian Orphans, Haiti Relief, Donate to Help


Sponsor A Child of Haitian Orphans, Haiti Relief, Donate to Help the Children


Accepting donations for the Haitian Orphans - Nationwide in the United States (US) - New York, NY.

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Stop the Suffering of Haitian Orphans
with Our Nonprofit Organization

To pursue the ideal dream, it was always our goal to help some of the unfortunate children of Haiti to prepare them for a better life in the near future.

We, as a group, who share the same heritage, organized ourselves with an attempt to develop this prospective project.

Realizing that this is a monumental undertaking, we are reaching out for your assistance, especially for legal guidance, which will greatly assist us in our quest to accomplish this goal.

We plan to begin with (225) two hundred children, however, we are waiting for the project to be sponsored both short and long term.


Some of us just visited Haiti after the recent catastrophic earthquake of January 12, 2010, which has devastated the country; we witnessed the suffering of a group of orphan children from 1 to 15 years old. It was very alarming to witness this painful situation. Therefore, witnessing this tragedy first hand, has motivated us to take action and work diligently on this project to make it come true.

Construction is to begin soon on the Church, orphanage, hospital, and school in Haiti! Please Donate and keep visiting our site for updates on our progress!

The site where we plan for construction of this facility is located in the Village of La Plate commune de Bassin bleu North West of Haïti. We will provide you with more details about this project and its estimated cost in future communications. We are a 501-C3, not for profit agency, therefore, all donations are tax deductible.

Our goals is to build three buildings and an Orphanage in Haiti. The orphanage would have an Educational Facility that would educate the children from Pre-K to College.

As verification of our quest to achieve this goal, which we began in January of 1991, you can find us on our website, www.helpchildrenofGod.com. We are very serious and committed to
this project and need the proper tools, therefore, we are turning to you for any assistance
in-which you provide.


Help Children of God Mission in Haiti. Click Here.


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Help Haitians in poverty when you donate to our Charity to Haiti.

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Contact us at (888) 350-5628 in Elmsford, New York, for more information on how to become a responsive part of our nonprofit organization or make a donation to help Haitian children orphans.

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Donate to Children of Haiti! Help Haitian Orphans in poverty when you donate
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